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Móda zápaliek: jeden z najvýznamnejších luxusných obchodov

LONDÝN, United Kingdom – has set about reinventing what luxury retail means for the modern consumer. Po sérii dočasných pobytov po celom svete, predajca si nakoniec zvolil trvalú adresu na 5 Carlos Place v Mayfair, Londýn.


5 Carlos Place, a new retail concept

Spread over five stories, the first two floors of the townhouse are flexible spaces featuring a mix of products that change fortnightly. Next up, a floor reserved entirely for its private shopping clientele where customers can have their wishlist delivered in under 90 minutes. Impressive, right? But what really stands out is the cosy design – think all blush tones and plush textures. It feels like a place where you can kick off your shoes and leisurely try on clothes.

Of course, in this day and age, a retail store can’t just be about shopping. It’s about creating a memorable experience for the customer. To this end, the townhouse also features a spacious events space and media hub, cleverly bridging the gap between the exclusive and the inclusive. Designers and other creatives will host events, creating a constant source of experiential content for customers, both online and offline.

In fact, over the next two months, more than 40 events are scheduled, with many of them already booked up. You can sign-up for a supper club with Australian chef Skye Gynell or attend a floral masterclass with London florists Scarlet and Violet. For those who can’t visit the venue in person, live streams and podcasts of the events are available via the website.

Beyond the obvious brand building move, may have found a winning formula when it comes to driving foot traffic without diluting its brand. In our opinion, the retailer’s townhouse strategy will prove to be an unmissable destination for local and international visitors alike.

For the launch of 5 Carlos Place, Prada has created an immersive installation where customers can shop the exclusive AW18 capsule collection.

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